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Kaj Genell

Sweden 1944-03-14
Web Site

I was born and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and grew up in a bourgeoise family, related to the Swedish- Jewish composr Jules Sylvain ( Stig Hansson ), who wrote lots of songs that most Swedes know by heart.
Fact is that we (I) have never - which is very important in a curriculum vitae of a composer of music - been educated in music in any way , by any teachers at all, - in fact I grew up with out having a piano at home, but I have played a lot of music in my life anyway. I nowadays play the piano, guitar and reeds.
We are, I am, a composer of jazz tunes mainly. But sometimes I write small pieces in other styles too, mainly pieces for organ. ( These organ pieces are sometimes not playable on organ, because of extremely difficult pedal melodies. But I will try to rewrite them. )I will be happy for comments upon my music! ( We understand English, German, French; Spanish and Swedish....)

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